It's popular and easy to learn.
Zaven Yeghoyan

Zaven Yeghoyan

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Is PHP the right choice for you?


PHP is a great option for many reasons. Here are some reasons why the language may be right for you

  • It's popular and easy to learn - PHP is by far the most popular Web development language. If you have an idea for a new website, languages such as PHP are much more practical than C or C++. For this reason, PHP is the perfect language for people who want to go from no experience to developing web application in a short amount of time.
  • lot of jobs available for Web developers -  PHP will help you make money and find a job. Since there are so many sites written in PHP, people who are available to maintain and upgrade them are always in demand. While standard jobs do exist for PHP developers, freelancing this skill maybe a better option. Once you’ve become proficient with PHP, you will easily be able to exchange your skills for money.
  • Has one of largest communities worldwide - in 2016 PHP has one of largest communities according StackOverfloww3. The PHP community is as diverse as it is large, and its members are ready and willing to support new PHP programmers.
  • Availability of open source frameworks - PHP framework do
    • Make speed development possible
    • Provide well-organized, reusable and maintainable code
    • Let you grow over time as web apps running on frameworks are scalable
    • Spare you from the worries about low-level security of a site
    • Follow the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern that ensures the separation of presentation and logic
    • Promote modern web development practices such as object-oriented programming tools
  • Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Tumblr, WordPress - and more have been built with PHP.
Duration 3 months
Effort 6 hours/week
Knowledge Beginner
Price 35.000 AMD/month