“If you think it's simple, then you have misunderstood the problem.” ― Bjarne Stroustrup
Gevorg Hovhannisyan

Gevorg Hovhannisyan

C++ Specialist

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5 Reasons to learn C++


C++  is a powerful general-purpose programming language.

  • C++'s greatest strength is how scalable it could be, so apps that are very resource intensive are usually built with it. Graphics require a lot of resource, which is why the most beautiful 3D games you happily feast your eyes on are often built with C++
  • It can be used to create small programs or large applications
  • C++ allows you to create programs to do almost anything you need to do
  • It has highest overall StackOverflow answer rate
  • Adobe, Amazon, Paypal, Chrome  - and more have been built with C++

Course Description

Duration 3 months
Effort 4 hours/week
Knowledge Beginner
Price 35.000 AMD/month
  • Basics
    • Introduction
    • Programs
    • Hello, World!
    • Types, Variables, and Arithmetic
    • Selection/Conditional Statements
    • Iteration Statements
    • Arrays
  • Intermediate
    • Multidimensional Arrays
    • Pointers
    • References
    • Functions
    • Macros
    • Structures
    • Unions
    • Enumerations
    • Namespaces
  • OOP and Generic Programming
    • Classes
      • Construction and Destruction
      • Operator overloading
      • Memory management
      • Inheritance
      • Virtual Functions
      • Polymorphism
    • Exceptions
    • Generic Programming
      • Templates
      • Specialization and Instantiation
  • STL
    • Introduction
    • Containers
    • Iterators
    • Algorithms
    • Memory and Resources