Javascript is everywhere...
Styop Vardanyan

Styop Vardanyan

Javascript/Node.js Specialist

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Why to Learn Javascript ?


To explain why you should learn JavaScript we first need to go over a few key points:

  • How free and available is JavaScript?
    • JavaScript is one of the most open programming languages out there!
  • What’s it like to write code in JavaScript?
    • you can write code that best suits the situation!
  • Just how useful JavaScript actually is?
    • Just have a look at available options
      • Front-End frameworks - Angular
      • Back-End - NodeJs and NPM
      • Desktop apps - Electron
      • Smartphone apps - NativeScript, React Native, Cordova
  • How good are the tools that are used by JavaScript developers?
    • For beginners it ain’t easy because they’re going to be attacked by an endless stream of names: gulp, grunt, bower, browserify, webpack, rollup, coffeescript, typescript, VS Code, github Atom, webstorm and the list goes on and on and on…
    • For veteran developers it’s an intense mental exercise to keep up with what’s current and useful and what new ideas / tools will be useful so they can focus on learning that new thing and ignore the ‘noise’.
  • What’s the JavaScript community like?
    • JavaScript community is strong in numbers, really strong
  • Does JavaScript have a future?
    • Please re/read previous points )))
    • Or read the next quote

"In three months from today, 98% of all traffic will be serviced via Node APIs according to Alex Grigoryan, Director of Software Engineering at WalMart Labs. Three months after that,, Walmart’s second biggest property, will be 100% javascript based. Even their iOS and Android experiences will eventually be done in Jasascript based mobile platform, made to replace native Java/Objective C coding."

Course Description

Duration 3 months
Effort 6 hours/week
Price 35.000 AMD/month


  • JS Basics
    • Introduction
    • JS Language
    • Setup Environement
    • Development Tools
    • Operators
    • Data Types
    • Objects and Arrays
    • Conditional Statements
    • Loops
  • Going Deeper
    • Functions
    • Declaration types
    • Cookies
    • Local Storage
    • Date and Time
  • Interaction with web page
    • HTML
    • DOM Manipulations
    • Selectors and modifiers
    • jQuery
    • Selectors and common methods
  • JS Dialects and OOP
    • ES6 and TypeScript Comparison
    • Modules
  • Angular
    • Build Tools
      • npm
      • webpack basic setup
      • angular-cli
    • Modules
    • Components and Views
    • Data Bindings
    • Services
    • Observables. rxjs
    • Routing
  • The real project
    • Building advanced app
    • Working with server
    • Authentication and authorization
    • Best practices
    • Deployment
    • Course summary